Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Gait / What Breed of Horse

The rider is from Thailand, but it is unknown where the riding and the video took place.

What breed is this horse? What gait is it doing?


Funder said...

Looks like a very smooth pace. Glad I have a laptop so I could turn the monitor sideways!

Amanda said...

I have recently bought a Peruvian Paso who was in pretty bad shape when i first got him but is really coming around. I have a video here.

What would you call this gait? I have never seen him trot which makes me very happy.

IceRyder said...

Thanks for filming the video and for uploading it!

This is another good educational opportunity for us.

It's always good to view additional video to analyze the gaits.

Do you mind if I take your video and add some slo-mo to it so that we can better study what he is doing?