Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Gait / Icelandic Horses

What gait are these Icelandic Horses doing?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Saddle Fit for High Withered Horse

My friend has tried fourteen different saddles on her high-withered Missouri Fox Trotter during the five years she has owned this eight-year-old gelding. She has tried a Corrector pad, but it sawed on his withers.

Right now, she is tryng a Wintech Australian-style saddle with Cair panels and adjustable gullet, with a supracor pad. I rode him with it today and it left an even sweat pattern, but another friend suggested that the saddle was bridging. Certainly the horse was happier than the last time I rode him with a Tucker High Plains Endurance saddle. That time he was fussy and rung his tail quite a bit.

She wanted me to ask if anyone on the list had dealt with a horse with a back similar to this.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weight Changes Gait

Elephant gaits are generally limited to different speeds of the walk; slow, medium, and faster. Their gait can be similar to a running walk or a saddle rack.

Except... if the weight is removed... such as in swimming... elephants are able to move diagonally similar to the trot of the horse.

Many gaited horses show only a trot at liberty; but when carrying a rider, the additional weight brings out an intermediate gait such as fox trot, running walk, saddle rack, rack, stepping pace, or pace.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Natural Gait Paso Fino

Posted by the owner of the horse: I bought this horse from a man who buys horses at auctions and resells most of them to slaughter houses. He told me he bought him at an auction in Oregon in November, he is now happily living with me in Washington. He is a very well trained gaited gelding who was obviously loved at one point in his life. I would love to learn more about him. I named him Little Guy, he is a sweetheart. If this horse looks familiar and you think you may know him, please contact me.