Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stepping Pace and Sobreandando

Verne Albright's book, The Peruvian Paso and His Classic Equitation:

We are attempting to tease out the difference, if there is one, between stepping pace and sobreandando.

To begin, here is the gait chart that shows the intermediate gaits from trot (left) to pace (right).

Here is a chart by Verne Albright showing gaits from trot (bottom) to pace (top).

In the first chart, you can see that stepping pace falls in the pace category, with rack sitting between the square gait of running walk and the lateral gait of pace.

In the other chart, sobreandando is the gait sitting between paso llano (square gait, running walk) and huachano (lateral gait of pace).

(Note: There does not seem to be an allowance for the rack in the Albright chart.)

Here is de Ascasubi's chart of the sobreandando, from Lee Ziegler's webpage:

Here is Albright's chart of the sobreandando:

The chart that Lee used is the same as Albright's chart... except that Albright's chart has a mistake in it... the last footfall to the right is placed incorrectly.

While these one-dimensional diagrams of the timing of grounded feet are helpful, they are limiting as they are unable to show us the set down and pick up, which also defines a gait and makes it different from another gait.

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